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Welcome to the future of low carb/keto bread!! This is the low carb bread line you have been waiting for! By far our top selling and most popular in store. Voted best keto/low carb bread on the market. Sold exclusively at Fresh Foodie.

Keto Gold gives you all the taste, texture and feel of classic white bagels.. but without all the carbs! Every Keto Gold product is baked fresh every week. The bagels can be frozen or stored in the fridge.  Use this bagel the same way you would use a traditional bagel.  Keto Gold is grain and flour free and boasts high protein. Although perfect for those keto or low carb, this bagel is an amazing alternative to those who love traditional bagels but are looking for a much healthier option. 

4 bagels.

Nutritional Info Per Bagel: 

Calories 202, Fat 5.5g, Net Carbs 3.7g, Protein 27.1g

Ingredients: Gluten, Fiber, Flax, Inulin, Erythritol, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Yeast, Sesame