Catalina Crunch - Keto Sandwich Cookies, Vanilla Creme

Catalina Crunch - Keto Sandwich Cookies, Vanilla Creme

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Premium, All-Natural Ingredients

Our Sandwich Cookies are made with a blend of Organic, Non-GMO pea protein and Prebiotic Fiber from plants.

Non-GMO Blend of Plant-Proteins & Fibers

The combination delivers over 4g Protein in just two cookies. That's about as much protein as a small egg.

Zero Artificial Ingredients

We never have and never will use any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors of any kind.

Decadent Dark Chocolate Flavor

Dutch Cocoa Powder

One of the finest Dutch Cocoa Powders available gives Catalina Sandwich Cookies their signature cookies and cream flavor.

Vanilla Creme Filling

Our Bakery Chefs tasted over 100 unique Vanilla Extracts from around the world to make our delicious creme filling.

Small Batch Keto Cookies

We treat our Keto Sandwich Cookies like a craft brewery treats their hops. It’s not a mass-produced operation. Every batch is tested multiple times to ensure the decadent dark chocolate taste and level of crunchiness is exactly where we want it.

Cookies with Great Macros

You might be wondering: what’s so special about these new cookies?

Traditional Sandwich Cookies are Loaded with Sugar

If you are reading this, you likely gave up dunking Sandwich Cookies in milk a long time ago when you found out the cookies are almost half Sugar (Diabetes in cookie form), and contain virtually zero life-sustaining nutrients like Protein or Fiber.

Only 1g Sugar per Cookie

Catalina Keto Sandwich Cookies only have 1g Sugar per Cookie! We took out the loads of Sugar and replaced it with Plant Protein and Fiber.