About Us

About Us

Welcome, My name is Theresa, founder of Fresh Foodie Inc. My journey to health and wellness started 15 years ago in Houston, Texas. I was a personal trainer who was having a hard time helping my clients to reach their goals. Although my clients all worked very hard with me in the gym, they weren’t seeing results as fast as they should have been.

I realized that the one area I didn’t have control of was nutrition, which matters so much more than training. So I took the guesswork and frustration out of my clients’ hands and began preparing meals for them. This is when the magic started happening…and fast!! This is also when my fitness journey changed forever. I became a Certified Nutritionist and armed myself with all the nutrition knowledge possible. My passion for amazing tasting HEALTHY food was born. By proving that healthy food tastes good, I can absolutely help you meet your goals, and most importantly will NOT make you feel like you are on a “diet”.

Fresh Foodie began as a meal delivery service company and after a year of exceptional growth, we are proud to announce our flagship brick and mortar will be opening in early December 2018 at 177 Whitmore Rd Unit 18, Woodbridge ON. The store will be filled with fresh meals on hand and specialty grocery items.  You can come in and shop out of the store and also place online orders that can go out for delivery to your address of choice or be picked up at the store. 

A new menu is provided each week consisting of Breakfasts, Meals, and Snacks. A variety of meal preferences are catered to, such as: keto, vegan, paleo, whole 30, celiac, food intolerances, specific macros, etc..

We also cook for families and individuals who want healthy prepared food on hand. The meals prepared are for YOU, so whatever your personal needs are they can be met.

Fresh Foodie now utilizes an incredible packing solution that completely revolutionizes the meal prep industry, by using system called modified atmospheric pressure, otherwise known as MAP packaging. This machine uses a combination of inert gases that forces oxygen out of the package which inhibits bacteria and mold from growing. This technology allows for the meals to remain fresh for 4-6x longer than the average shelf life. This system allows for Fresh Foodie clients to keep their foods fresh and reduce food waste by being thrown away.  The containers are 100% recyclable along with being microwave AND OVEN friendly!  If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us. We LOVE telling our clients about this amazing process!